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Hey guys! Sorry it has been so very long between posts. Chris is working on his mad hatter and so far, everyone has been busy with either work or with the very end of school.

I'm currently going to Cons tour right now. This is the line up for me to appear at cons this year.

SuperCon - Florida, June 5-7
MetroCon- Florida, June 19-21
AFO- Florida, August
DragonCon - Georgia, September area

Let me know if you have a con near you that you would like PCC or PMH to appear at. If we don't make it this year, we might tour it next year.

ALSO! I have some left over mini posters from PCC. They are up for grabs as well as a hand full of Joker cards. Let me know if any of you guys want them and then I will send it your way! <3

I'll update as soon as I know what's going on from their end.
Just wondering, is there anyone I sent a package out to that did NOT get it? If you didn't post something here to let me know!

Just a Reminder

Hey guys and gals!

Just as a reminder, if you get your package, please reply to this post. That way, I can keep track of who got what.

For those that I missed, I'M SORRY! I got a few e-mails from people that I missed. If I didn't reply to you, that just means I was busy when I got the e-mail. I have four currently that I have to send out. They will be sent out sometime this week before I go to MegaCon.

If anyone is going to MegaCon and wants some PCC stuff, sent me a shout out. I'll be loaded with goodies!
Hello gals! I know you all haven't seen me for awhile, and I'd love to tell you why but you'll see soon enough why. *eye-shifty*

Here is a Package update for all of you. Everyone who has sent me their address currently has a package being sent to them. That list is below. If you do NOT see your name on the list, you either A. Never gave me your address or B. I lost your address. :P The second one is more likely. I'm horrible at keeping track of things.

Packages currently sent out to
The phantomess05

If you do NOT see your name in the list, please e-mail me at pirate_lover AT msn dot com!

The Joker is revealed

Since the packages I have promised are taking sooooooooooo long to get done, I have decided to post my favorite picture of Christopher up for all of you.

In case you have been left in the dark, Christopher is the man behind the makeup. He is an actor in my state and will be portraying other characters. ( Can't wait to show you guys what the next one is! )

Image insideCollapse )

Jan. 23rd, 2009

Just a thought guys. The Dark Knight was just snubbed something hardcore by the oscars for NOT getting a nod for Best Picture. Just thought some of you might find this group interesting.


Interesting Joker Material

I found this on an awesome website for Joker. I thought it was so awesome, that I have to share it with all of you! Check out the website!


Holiday Packages

Hello all! This post is like a Roll Call for everyone. I'm going to be adding who got their packages and who's I've sent out here. Money got really tight, really fast on me. So, I do hope all of you will forgive me! I literally have your packages sitting in front of me as I type, and I can't send them off due to high delivery costs. I'm trying to find a more cost effective way to send them, so don't worry! I will get them off! I promise! I'm sending them off two-five at a time every two weeks starting now.

Why every two weeks? Because that's when I get paid. lol.

Next in Line



If you DO get your packages, PLEASE REPLY HERE!


Ok everyone. I know a lot of you are upset about Joker basically saying Goodbye in the video on youtube. Completely understandable! I am sad too!

However, we have NOT seen the last of Chris. Oh no. I'm afraid we're in for a very new and exciting project. It's already under way and the henchies are jumping over themselves at it. I will be having to work on the project as well this coming January-March. I cannot tell you what it is, because I am FORBIDDEN. But what I can tell you is this....

You'll all love it. <3


Ok.... so he had agreed to let me give you guys a LITTLE more information on the next project. The next project is called 'Project Mad Hat'. You may sign up for newsletter and get an autographed picture of Christopher, as well as DVDs, posters, etc/... JUST FOR SIGNING UP WITH A VALID E-MAIL! *squeals* I totally wish I could sign up for it but... I would feel like I was cheating.

What do you guys think?

Anyways, HERE's THE WEBSITE! http://rumad.wufoo.com/forms/are-you-mad/